We seek the best business partners for you in Angola. We manage the communication between the two entities and we make sure that both parties are happy with the relationship.


We operate in different European and African countries, we are always available for a call. Send us an email or contact us to start your journey. 

your new point of contact

We have a large number of contacts in Angola. Our partners do operate in different areas and sectors. We only need to know your aims and objectives in Angola, we will facilitate the rest.

Meet Our Global Team

Sandra Lopato Eribo
United Kingdom


BSc. Business Administration and management

BSc. Psychology

Experience dealing with small clients

Patric González Senén
United Kingdom


MA. International Relations

BA. International Politics

Experience dealing with large clients

Rebeca Böitaari
United Kingdom


BSc. Business Management and International Relations

MSc. Digital Marketing

Experience managing projects

Tatiana Ferreira Ferrage

Project Manager

BSc. Business Administration

Project Management Professional

Experience dealing with small and large clients 

What we do?

We connect investors around the world with entrepreneurs in Angola. Our clients operate in different sectors and they do require a dedicated investor to achieve their business goals. 

Angola Asset Management helps both parties with the following services:

Verifying land owners or entrepreneurs in Angola.

-Our verification process would ensure that both parties hold the required licenses to operate their business in Angola. We also ensure that the individual’s aims and objectives are in line with regulations in Angola.

Managing effective communication in different languages between both parties.

Facilitating the transfer of capital between the foreign location and Angola.

Our commitment with the local communities

We make sure that our client’s activities do make a change in the local communities.

We help our clients to support (directly or indirectly) the following UN sustainable goals:

-Reducing poverty and hunger.

-Helping with the education of local communities.

-Helping with gender equality by employing female workers and single mothers in some of their roles.

-Helping to build sustainable communities by pairing with Angolan entrepreneurs that want to build affordable housing.

-Help preserving natural environments by reducing their environmental footprint and damage to nature.

-International cooperation to help solving existing problems in local communities.

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