We seek partners

We work with private companies and cooperatives in Angola to make sure that we do have available resources and business opportunities in Angola. We have a subsidiary and share partnerships with other businesses – enabling us to deliver the best possible solutions. We coordinate with our partners to provide the best experience to investors, companies, and individuals that choose Angola as their new business destination. We included a list of our partners, the list will continue growing as we are receiving frequent requests for support and collaborations. 

Daniel Nkosi & Filhos 

D.N.S (Daniel Nkosi & Sons) is an Angolan company specialized in the management of land, and investments in Angola. DNS owns large portions of land in the northern region of Uíge, ready to be used, and discovered. They are looking for investors interested in agriculture, mining, land development, and real estate projects.

DNS can also help business partners to access the Angolan market, giving the opportunity to foreign companies to sell their products, and manufacture their goods in Angola.

Cooperativa Agro-Pecuaria E Exploracao Mineira Da Regedoira Mankosi’Ambua – Kuilo Pombo (CAPEMRM)  

CAPERMRM is an Angolan cooperative that specialises in the production and selling of agricultural products. 

They are interested in exporting their produce to other countries in Africa and around the world. They also have an interest in the exploration of the land they own as they recently discovered minerals such us uranium, manganese and others. 

African Projects 

African Projects is a non-profit organisation that provide support to African Projects with the preparation of their business plan and the administration of their projects. African Projects specialises in the creation of community projects, they own and operate a series of projects created for the socio-economic improvement of the African community. 

The organisation also supports African businesses with the creation of digital content and the administration of digital platform such as websites and social media profiles.

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