Building bridges

Angola Asset Management wants to industrialise and economically develop the northern Angolan region of Uige. The region has rich soils and a vast amount of unexplored land. We plan to reach our objectives by attracting foreign direct investment into different sectors. Our main activities would be connecting European companies with Angolan landowners, entrepreneurs and bussines owners. 

Our objectives

Our short term objective is to attract investors to the region and identify potential business opportunities.

Our medium term objective is to develop the region and manage different types of assets.

Finally, as a long term objective we aim at supporting the government to achieve their economic diversification goals.

Angola Asset Management aims at helping the Angolan government at achieving their economic diversification goals, by attracting investment in other industries that are not associated with oil.

Through our business activities we will be creating new job opportunities for locals and upskilling them.

By collaborating with local farmers and agricultural cooperatives, we would like to increase the level of agricultural production in the area and facilitate the exportation of their produce.

We plan to achieve all these objectives by identifying potential business opportunities and managing different types of assets.

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